We are delighted to offer our clientele the largest known range of Usine Saint-Saveur French Antique & Modern Garden Furniture throughout Australasia. This exquisite range of garden furniture is from one of France’s most innovative 19th century iron foundries.

The factory of Saint-Sauveur was established in the town of Arras, France. From Circa 1840-1920, they specialised in cast & forged ironwork. The design of their jardin seats and benches were especially innovative for the era and very strong, as each piece was created using semi-circular iron bars rather than flat pieces of iron. Original Saint-Sauveur pieces are extremely rare and collectable however 20th century and later revivals of their original factory designs are also highly sort after.
Our modern Saint-Sauveur range is forever changing, depending on season and what our French merchants can assist us with sourcing. Our antique Saint-Sauveur range is limited as there are very few original pieces still in existence, we do however have incredible contacts based in Paris, that search high and low for these diamonds in the rough.
We currently have a number of exceptional antique Saint-Sauveur garden benches available to view in our Claremont gallery dating from circa 1870. These pieces were acquired on our last Spring buying trip to France and we are honoured to have items of such rarity and elegance in our gallery to present to our clientele.

Our Antique Usine Saint- Sauveur Collection

Our current collection of benches and chairs are in exceptional antique condition and are not only incredibly rare collectable items but they remain in their entirety; functional to use. The exterior of each piece has a delightfully aged patina and although the 19th century Usine Saint-Sauveur pieces are slightly smaller than modern revivals, they are perfectly comfortable due to their signature curved iron bars, a revolution design trait for the time period. The signature ‘Usine Saint-Sauveur’ original badge plates are also intact on each piece.


Our Modern Usine Saint-Sauveur Collection

Our modern collection of Saint-Sauveur revivals pay homage to original factory design models, with remarkable detail and elegance.
This impressive range of Usine Saint-Sauveur revivals feature detail and symmetry similar to 19th Century originals, it is incredibly difficult to distinguish an original from a modern revival.
Blanketed with all original design traits of the factory inclusive of hoof feet, curved iron bars and signature name plates, this beautiful collection of jardin furniture is a testament to quality 19th century French craftsmanship.
We currently have a range of Vert (green) & Naturel (natural) iron hued table and chair sets, long dining garden tables, benches and a stunning garden parasol bench (pictured), from Saint-Sauveur’s original c. 1880 design model.
The Modern Usine Saint-Sauveur Jardin collection are of an eclectic, elegant design and are therefor lucid in their suitability to both modern and traditional homes.

Modern Usine Saint-Sauveur-Collection